A while back I went to view bongs online, it was a glass bong around 600mm in height with a thick glass wall of 5mm. Because it was produced with such a thick glass wall I felt like I could be much more relaxed with it, what a fool I was! I pretty much forgot that regardless of the thickness it was still, at the end of the day, glass. I went to clean it, as my new resolution for bongs was to spend more time keeping them clean. I thought for once I would avoid the tar build up and take care of this new beastly bong, but now I have so much regret. Although I did enjoy the service from a bong shop.

In my bathroom the wall has hard tiles around the sink, so whilst cleaning my glass bong I accidentally knocked the base of it against the tiles while shaking the water inside the bong. I felt like I heard it smash before it actually did! Maybe it did just suffer a deep crack and then shattered. Whatever happened, I was left gutted and thought about the cost of weed pipes for replacements!

While I know I can buy a cheap glass bong for as little as £16-£20, it wasn't enough to lift my spirits. I had spent around £60 on this one, and was left with nothing but a mess in my sink to clean up. 

After this I promised myself to stick with plastic bongs instead, but they felt so boring and plan compared to glass.

I tried to convince myself that it was a good thing my bong broke because smoking is bad.Even wiki has some strong views on smoking, but I don't let it put me off. However I do want to give up the tobacco.

After I was browsing the plastic bongs and doing my best to ignore the beauty of the glass concentrate rigs, I did find some really cool designs. I even found plastic bongs that included percolators, which was really cool and actually changed my mind on plastic. I was even a little confused when a lot of shops kept calling them 'acrylic', a quick google search cleared that up though (it is just another word for plastic!).

I guess if I cleaned the glass pipe in the shower I could of avoided the hard tiles, so one day I will invest in one again but right now it just makes sense to have a plastic water pipe on back up in case the glass bong got broken again! So my advise to anyone reading is that if you think you are careful enough, go for glass. Or possibly, get a nice glass bong and a cheap plastic one too, you can pick them up for as little at a tenner so it makes sense.

I recently moved to the coast and it has changed my life for the better! There are so many cool places to take my bongs for smoke sessions. Some people like to visit the beach with dogs or loved ones, but for me my loved one is my bongs! I have them with little carry cases so bringing them around is discreet and safe (they are all glass, because glass bongs give the smoothest hit by far).