Have you ever gone to buy a vaporizer and your experience has turned from fun to almost annoyed. This happen to me not that long ago and it was due to online vaporizer shops not keeping their products in correct categories and making the whole experience very confusing.

Basically, what had happened was I was browsing the same vaporizers but in different categories. All I wanted to do was browse all of the vaporizers in one place, I just wanted something as simple as a price slider so I could locate the cheapest vaporizers; that would have made everything much easier. I guess it was worse for me because I have not decided which type of a vaporizer I wanted to buy, I was open to different types of the vaporizers, portable or stationery.

Instead of just sticking to the first shop I found like I normally do I decided to go back to Google and open up a few more shops and see if there was an easier vaporizer shop that I could use, I was very happy I did this because I found some awesome vaporizers over on the previously mentioned online shop. And boy! Were those prices cheap!

Concentrates and dabbing rigs are a crazy way to smoke. For many users these dabs are just way too strong, I personally suggest to just stick to the original types of smoking mix, it is more than strong enough and if made correctly it is very tasty.

Once in a while dabbing can be fun, but it is important to be sensible. The smoking tools designed for dabbing are very fun and make for great ornaments or if you can adapters you can still use normal smoking mix with the rigs.

The way these rigs work is you heat up the titanium nail, or glass nail on the cheaper versions. A normal lighter will never work for this, you have to have a torch lighter.